We often come across many e-commerce websites selling a wide range of products in different verticals. While there’s a lot of work involved in scaling a store, the owners miss out on simple things that can fetch good results. Speaking of which, we’d like to present our mini case study where you’ll learn how our 1-product eCommerce funnel gave us high ROI. We are totally transparent and wouldn’t hide a single thing that we came across. We had our own ups and downs and we’ll be sure to share them all so that you do not make the mistake, in case you’re planning to set up (or) modify your own eCommerce store. 


We design high-converting funnels and websites for businesses and help them market to the right set of audience. Having said that, we decided to build one Ecom funnel for our own, in the B2C (Business to Consumer) segment and make good sales. Our case study will help you learn how an Ecom store generated 1500+ Euros in 3 weeks, without spending a single penny in marketing or advertising.


When the Coronavirus created a global panic, my partner Martin Lane created an FB page for locals (in Cork, Ireland) and posted content regularly. The page was all about the updates of the virus, preventive measures, activities by the local authorities, etc.

In a span of a week, there was a heavy shortage of masks (Mitchelstown and Cork). We sensed an opportunity and we got in touch with a seller from China who was selling 1000 N95 reusable masks for 620 Euros with shipping. We placed the order immediately and were waiting for the box to arrive.

System Setup:

We designed our 1-page funnel in a span of 4 hours. We’ll post the link to the website towards the end. All we did was:

Designed a 1-Page Funnel Using WordPress


One Direct Checkout Page Which Skips the User Registration

PayPal and Stripe Payment Gateway Integrations

Initial Pricing & Offer:

We priced our product strategically. We did check the pricing on a few of the competitor sites. They were all charging 14.99 Euros and 5 Euros for shipping. We priced it at 9.95 Euros and 3 Euros for shipping in 3 zones, 5 Euros as the shipping fee if they’re out of these zones. Here’s what we offered:

Buy 1, Get 2 Euros off (Coupon Code)

Buy 2, Get 4 Euros off (Coupon Code)

Buy 3 at the Price of 2 (Every 3rd Mask is free)

Sales Phase – 1:

We had a few members interacting with our page as we were posting a lot of things. As we did not receive the box yet, we just planned to message a few folks who interacted with us. We told them they could order the masks from our store. We just said that to 12 members and we immediately had 4 orders that sold 14 masks.

Product Arrival & Disappointment:

Thankfully, we didn’t have to pay any customs. On that note, each mask was just costing us 62 cents. Upon unboxing, we were shocked to find that those weren’t N95 masks, but were normal reusable ones. We had around 7 N95 masks (not reusable) in spare. We sent those N95 masks with a note of apology (as they weren’t reusable) and the reusable one for free!

Revised Pricing & Offer:

We had to change the pricing from 9.95 Euros to 4.95 Euros as the masks weren’t of the quality we expected. If a user purchased more than 4 masks, the shipping was set to 6 Euros. Here was the revised offer:

Buy 1, Get 1 Euro off (Coupon)

Buy 4 at 10 Euros (Automatically Applied)

Sales Phase – 2:

Our Facebook page (link will be posted towards the end) was gaining a lot of traction as there were constant updates about the surroundings. We posted the link to the store to the public. Received 20+ orders in a day! No one’s buying less than 4 masks. This was extremely fun as we saw many order notifications being sent to our emails. It slowed down after a day.

Revenue & Profit:

Do note that we have achieved these results in a short time. Our store went ‘live’ on the 22nd of March and by the 11th of April, we were out of stock! Here are the statistics:

66 Online Orders Placed

317 Masks Sold Online

1048 Euros in Online Revenue (855 Net Sales + 193 Shipping)

400+ Masks Were Distributed for Free

250+ Masks Sold Offline

500+ Euros in Offline Revenue

735+ Euros in Total Profit: 855 (online) + 500 (offline) - 620 (for the box of shipment)

We Already Had High-Speed Hosting Setup and a Domain. So, No Additional Costs Incurred.

No Marketing Costs


We’d really consider this a temporary successful Ecom store, which generated 1500+ Euros in 3 weeks without a single penny invested in marketing and crossed the break-even within 10 days. Our product was the need for the moment and we bridged the gap for the users who purchased. We also had an amazing low-cost backup marketing plan (in case we were low on driving sales) as well through Facebook Messenger Chatbots

We hope you found our case study helpful. If you have similar ideas and are struggling to set up, we would be glad to help. Just shoot an email to support@pointupdigital.com and we’ll help you kickstart your project. We’d also like you share this case study with your contacts as it might be helpful to them.