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Kickstart your Marketing Strategies with  Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a perfect way to go if you’re trying to define a product, service, or an idea to your audience. Not only do they hold the viewers’ attention, but they also help them remember who’s providing the information (in this case, that’s you). Videos help a lot in brand visibility and recognition, helping you get more traction on the web. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help!

With Explainer Videos, you can

Increase Conversion Rates

People are more likely to buy a product once they see an explainer video. Explainer videos help business owners keep tally of how many visitors on their sites could become actual customers.

Define Your Business

Explainer videos take the guesswork out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service. People gain a better understanding of your business once they see and hear someone explain it.


Grab Audience Attention

Why not take all of those cool ideas of your business to have them played out in a video?  The initial part of the video with an amazing intro would immediately grab the attention and keep your audience hooked.

Generate Increased Interest

Businesses are choosing to use social signals to spread the word about their businesses by using media such as images and videos to generate interest in their product.

Rank Better in Search Engines

According to Spork Marketing and several others, websites with videos rank higher in Google searches. 

Easily Shareable

Videos are easily shareable, unlike text web pages. People are more likely to share and watch videos on the Internet than reading text blocks on a website.

Our Portfolio

A few of the explainer videos that our team created. Kindly note that a few of our projects had to be kept confidential due to the Non-Disclosure-Agreement.

We do Studio-Grade Animated Intros, Outros, Stunning Logo Reveals, Seamless Transitions and Social Callouts

to take your videos to the next level ensuring maximum engagement from your audience. Watch our showreels which is a fusion of all the additional tasks we do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of videos you create?

Our main focus is towards creating explainer videos for your business. Be it a product or service, videos boost the conversion rates to a great extent.

Your requirement might be different. Maybe, you’re just looking for a small animated intro or an outro, under 15 seconds. Yes, we can help you out with that as well.

How much does it cost to create my video?

It totally depends on your requirement. If you need a whiteboard video, it would cost less when compared with 2D or 3D animated ones.

The length of the video is another important factor that would determine the cost. Overall, it comes down to the total efforts that we put in, to get the video done.

What's your process of creating videos?

Once the deal is confirmed, we’ll have our first strategic session to research about your brand and target audience. After that, we will focus on the audio track. Typically, the total length of the audio will determine the duration of the video. The audio phase would also include a powerful script that speaks or conveys your brand’s message to your audience directly.

Later, you’d be presented with a rough storyboard with the avatar/character shapes and the scenes of the video. Once it’s finalized, we’ll work towards finishing the video and delivering it quickly!

How long will it take to create my video?

It depends on the requirements. If you need a brief intro-animated video or a logo reveal, it will roughly take 24 hours for us to deliver.

A normal explainer video having a duration of 2 minutes would typically take 4 weeks to finish.

Do you have any partnership program?

We love to collaborate with you! Do reach us at support@pointupdigital.com with a brief intro of your profile. We’ll reply as soon as we can.

Would I get commercial rights for the video(s)?

Yes, we make sure that you can use the videos we produce, for commercial purposes. You can use them on any platform or for marketing. There are no restrictions on your usage rights.

I got more questions!

Please feel free to get in touch with us. Shoot out an email to support@pointupdigital.com to get your queries addressed.

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for a detailed discussion on creating a video for your business! You can also reach out to support@pointupdigital.com