Everyone should have heard about chatbots by now! You’re probably aware that automating even the most basic marketing tasks can offer you a serious competitive advantage in any industry.

However, using a chatbot the wrong way or setting one up improperly can lead to more damage than good for your business. While many argue that chatbots will eventually replace many verticals of online marketing, there’s a chance that they’ll knock out your marketing efforts first, unless you’re careful.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid with Chatbot Marketing when you implement a new chatbot for your company/business:

1. Not Testing Your Bot Before Making it ‘Live’

Before launching a chatbot to automate your marketing tasks, you need to make sure it can handle a real conversation without a glitch. Although not all messenger bots are 100% perfect, it always helps when you test things out before your chatbot goes live and starts interacting with your leads.

Do not allow a chatbot to ruin your relationship with your clients! Tweak your conversation flow as best as you can before you send your virtual assistant on its way to talk to your customers.

2. Not Allowing Your Subscribers to Opt-out

Some of your subscribers may love your brand and they may choose to stay subscribed to your bot. On the other hand, a few may stop being interested in what you have to offer. If that happens, you should always give your followers the option to unsubscribe.

Having a list of subscribers who are no longer interested in your business won’t help you drive your sales. Instead, it may determine them to resent your brand if they keep receiving unwanted notifications from your bot.

3. Not Respecting the Rules of Facebook Bot Marketing

If you’d like to make the most out of messenger marketing, you should always respect the regulations that Facebook and other platforms have in place.

Not playing by the rules will eventually lead to your chatbot or your page getting hit with a penalty.

4. Not Knowing When to Limit the Number of Messages

Another mistake you should always avoid when setting up your chatbot conversation flow is sending too much text to your subscribers. Whether you’re launching a new drip campaign or would like to send out a series of chat blasts to promote a new product, you should always be careful not to overdo it.

Messenger bots drive 4x open rates and much higher open rates when compared with email. That’s the exact reason why you should not make your subscribers feel you’re flooding their inbox. Messenger marketing can be highly effective, but only if you’re careful not to send too many updates that may be perceived as annoying.

5. Not Hiring an Expert to Properly Set Up a Chatbot for Your Business

Unless you have experience with setting up a messenger bot, you should probably rely on a professional to do it for you!

Although many options make developing a messenger bot a breeze, it’s always best to allow someone with experience to take care of your chatbot from start to finish!