We are a full-service Web Design and Chatbot Agency based in Ireland, focusing on services related to marketing automation.


Your One-Stop Digital Business Builder

Are you looking to unlock many growth opportunities for your business in the online space? You might be providing amazing products or services in and around your area, but did you know that 80% of your potential customers visit your website before coming to your business?

We offer services beyond website designing & e-commerce. The initial building blocks of your online presence must be strong and we ensure you get that right at PointUp Digital.


Helping You Grow In the digital world

At PointUp Digital, we are committed to providing our clients with industry-leading standards and professional services. Our mission is to offer real-world solutions to your online business to create substantial growth. This begins with building your presence on the web and helping you scale your business!


WE Craft your Digital Growth!

We mean it! We are straight to the point, offering you the right services to grow your business online. Be it lead generation or sales, we can build a powerful asset for you! Feel free to read our case studies.

From the Team

Martin Lane

I have been in a diverse array of businesses here in Ireland for 35 years and have a lot of experience in what it is like being a small business owner. I stepped into the online world in 2006. Since that time, I have been responsible for bringing business from zero to multiple six-figure sales online within 24 months of startup and also helped many others to grow their online business substantially.

I know all about the challenges that a small business owner faces these days and this is why I have set up PointUp Digital with my partner Vaishak. Our ambition is to offer real-world solutions to your online business and from there to create steady growth in your business.

I understand cash flow and the importance of it to any company and this is why we are introducing the concept of rental services to our suite of products. With our Boomerang rental service, we strive to make sure that when your marketing budget gets spent, it comes back to you with added value. Always remember that you are entitled to have a successful business. Why not work with PointUp Digital and allow us to be the conduit to that growth?

To your success!

Martin Lane
Chief Executive Officer


I have a balanced experience of working with corporates and startups. I worked with clients across the globe to strategize and implement their digital marketing plans to generate leads and sales with a target ROI. With the technical expertise and marketing experience of over 8 years, I’ll be handling the verticals related to website designing, website chatbots, marketing automation, etc.

I also love to help small businesses get their presence online and help them with marketing. At PointUp Digital, I’ll be responsible for executing all the projects and ensure they’re delivered on time. Our workflow and feedback procedure is framed in a simplified manner.

Martin and I met through a project on Artificial Intelligence. After completing a few projects given to me, we decided to work together and offer our services, prioritizing our clients’ needs and goals. Our primary motto would be to grow along with you! We very well understand that each industry is unique and the marketing strategies need to be planned accordingly. Unsure about how we could help you grow your business? Let’s discuss!

To your success!

Vaishak Damodar
Chief Operating Officer

Featured Testimonials

Ammi Schaffler

“Damu (Vaishak) has helped me arrange an online interview series with 17 speakers over 17 days. His knowledge and support have been amazing. He has supported me with all technical aspects; Opt-in page, uploading videos, arranging daily e-mails to my list etc. He has also helped me with the marketing and analysis of ads on FB. It has been a pleasure working with him and I am looking forward to continuous co-operation!”

Siddhartha Sharma

“Meeting with Vaishak happened over Facebook, and we had 2 websites to work upon. Both websites were photography centrist and both needed a good understanding of aesthetics. Right from helping us from understanding the pros and cons of different website templates to making advanced changes by himself like SEO optimization, the experience has been very fulfilling. The websites were quick to load, error-free!”


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